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Ludwig van Beethoven, the great lover of strong coffee, every time counted 60 coffee beans per one cup.

Casanova, after escaping from Plombs de Venise, the first thing he did enjoy a cup of coffee in a cafe called "Florian" in the square of St. Mark.

There are rumors of that Voltaire (Francois Marie Arouet) drank every day nearly 50 (!) cups of coffee.

But probably the most famous defender of coffee and its advantages, was Honoré de Balzac. On the creation of "Human Comedy," he had drunk about 50 000 cups of very strong coffee. According to one of his biographers, the writer very often visited far corners of Paris, just to buy a special coffee "Bourbon" on the Chaussée-d'Antin, or "Mocha" in the shop on the street Université. Balzac, one of the first, discouraged drinking coffee with milk, because "Preparing coffee with milk is not a mistake, it is a mockery! Only door-keepers can drink this coarse mixture."

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